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  1. "okay"

    Funcionário atual - Retail Store Assistant em Loughborough, Inglaterra

    Trabalho na T J Morris em meio período há menos de um ano


    Can be good depending on mangers


    Never leave on time, normal to do hours of overtime

    Continuar lendo
    T J Morris2019-05-16

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  1. "Oh boy, what an experience"

    Ex-funcionário - Retail Assistant 
    Não recomenda

    Trabalhou na T J Morris em meio período por mais de um ano


    Overtime is always available Coworkers are often very close


    Management often act like their in highschool, was there for two years and had four head managers swapped in and out. 3 of which would grill me for personal gossip and get me involved in workplace drama. Always phoned up for extra hours last minute. Shift changes last minute and mediocre pay

    T J Morris2020-02-15
  2. "Okay"

    Ex-funcionário - Sales Assistant 

    Trabalhou na T J Morris em meio período


    Being part of a good team


    Underpaid for amount of work

    T J Morris2020-02-12

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