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Auxiliar De Loja320 salários
R$ 1.100/mês
Supervisor150 salários
R$ 1.891/mês
Analyst2 salários
R$ 4.159/mês
Nenhum salário corresponde a esta empresa.

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Auxiliar De Loja Temporário

Trabalhei na Lojas Americanas em por menos de um ano


Possibilidade de crescimento, e oportunidade para aqueles que não possuem. Pelo menos no meu caso pessoas que cobram uma melhor postura profissional.


Funções variadas, a qual necessita uma certa desenvoltura e molejo em certas situações. Mas no total, vale muito a pena, pela experiência para por no currículo, mesmo se não for efetivado.

Ex-funcionário - First Assistant Manager

Trabalhou na Maurices em período integral por mais de 3 anos


- 40% off discount (you can use rewards now too) - fun environment with the right team and client base - playing dress up with customers - bonuses for stores that meet and exceed their goals each... month and year - Incentives and staff/company contests to win a little snack money or goodie bags - pay was a little higher than competitors


- Sales expectations...I started at a store that was closed for several months from a natural disaster. When we opened before the holidays, the client base forgot we were there, and sales were half... our goal. We always felt defeated because we could never hit our credit card and sales goals with a new team, low traffic, and a seasonal team. Over the next year, our goals fluctuated a lot from insanely low to ridiculously high. They changed the goal structure in the last 6 or so months I was there, but there were still some days we were expected to increase from the year before by 50% - Commission-based atmosphere without the commission. You’re compared to your teammates based on how the store performed while you were clocked in. If you worked all mornings when traffic was slow, your numbers were low. If you had one shift a weekend, your numbers were high. No compensation to the highest performing employees. - Moving up is easy if you show you can do your job well, but you’re kind of stuck at assistant manager position if Maurices doesn’t permeate through your cell membranes. If you don’t buy in to any aspect of the company, if you don’t post on social media, and if you don’t want it to be your entire life, you’re not going to become a store manager. - Outdated training. They could have changed it from the last time I trained someone, but the training was years old and used techniques and terminology that the people who trained me 3 years ago said they didn’t use anymore. - Merchandising. Almost none of the stores fully finished their floorset changes on time, always had issues with back stock and getting out new products while completing sale changes and focusing on the customer. - You’ll probably work alone in the store for up to 4-5 hours as a manager because of strict payroll.

Conselho à presidência

- Update the training - Update the TPR and make more incentives on the individual level - Do more research on underperforming stores. Dare I say close the stores or change the structure of customer... service where the clientele don’t want salesmen breathing down their necks? - Less pushing credit cards! Maybe if the benefits were better, more people would want them. - Budget more for payroll. I was working alone for 1-5 hours a day. It would get busy or I’d have to run in back to check the stock for a customer, and the store would be left unattended. Customers asked if I was alone. It’s a theft issue, internally and externally. There was no way we could reschedule with the given hours to have 2 people on at all times.

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