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Entrevista para Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET)



1. Questions based on testing approach, agile methodology, communication with team etc were asked in the first round. 2. Questions related python example fixtures, python packages, OOPs concept were asked in the second round. 3. I was asked to code for two python questions, also I has to show the output after compilation. Code1: Find second largest number from an array. code2: print the doublets from an array whose sum was equal to the given sum. 4. This was hiring manager round which went about for almost 1.5 hours. Questions such as what is an ideal boss as per you?, what would you do if your suggestion is ignored by your team? what would you do if you get into an agreement with your team or team members? How would you approach the developers for your queries? what motivates you to work? how do you start your day? How would you react if you don't meet the quarterly expectation etc 5. Last round went for half an hour. The interviewer asked about my interview experience and some basic managerial questions


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