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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Hesston, KS

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela AGCO (Hesston, KS) em Oct 2016


The Interview process was quick and easy. The first interview was an HR Phone Interview with basic questions regarding the position applied and the current position. Second Interview was a phone interview with the Hiring Manager. Questions were based on work experience followed by some projects worked on. Detailed explanation of the role being interviewed and about the company and its products. Third interview was an onsite interview where the HR explained all the befits for the role. In person interview with hiring manager and couple of senior members in the team. Questions revolved around the resume and the projects done. Tour of the facility and the teams followed. Overall very positive interview.

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  • Explain one of the projects where you were involved and the biggest challenge faced and how did you resolve it?
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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Hesston, KS

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Fui entrevistado na AGCO (Hesston, KS)


I was called out of the blue in late spring by a recruiter for the company. They gave me the sales pitch of what a great company it is to work for and the move to middle America will be beneficial if I am trying to gain quality of life with a decreased commute time. This first phase was a pass as the Engineer Manager wanted to talk to me afterwards. A phone interview was then setup with the Engineer Manager. The phone interview with the Engineer Manager was twenty minutes and went well. I was soon contacted by the recruiter to set up a live interview. They wanted me to fly in that Friday and tried to add guilt that I need to be flexible for them. I agreed to the next Monday, and they set me up with a realtor to show me around on Sunday. The Monday morning of the interview was in 4 segments. First with the Director, then the Engineer Manager, then Test Manager, and lunch. The first segment was almost an hour with the Director with him speaking for nearly 50 minutes of this time. Not a good sign. Second segment was with the Engineer Manager and a System Engineer. This was better as it was more of an equal exchange in conversation, but the Systems Engineer did not interact as much. The third segment was with the Test Manager and a Systems Engineer. This was by far the best of the segments in regards to technical, professional, and personal discussions. Then the lunch as all the interviewers were there at one time. As I sat down the Director and Engineer Manager were arguing over how to approach the design and implementation of projects. After we placed our orders the topic shifted to the use of Amazon Prime as the primary shopping method of the Engineering Manager. The Director could not believe that Amazon had a business model that would last. The Engineering Manager just liked using it. This back and forth was all through lunch and all I could think was how the working environment must be like with this constant state of discourse. Also there was communal seating (romper room) that I would have had to endure if hired. After lunch I met with the recruiter and personnel to go over benefits and such. The recruiter assured that I would have an answer of employment by the end of the week. After two weeks I contacted the recruiter, and she said that I did not have the technical skills according to the Engineering Manager. Thank God.

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