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I applied through a recruiter. They were very fast scheduling interviews, compared to other companies. First had a screening with HR, then had back-to-back meetings with each member of the team, around 30 minutes each. I feel it would be better to interview everyone at once so I could see the team's chemistry. The interviews themselves were okay, but I felt especially the director did not relate to my reason for leaving my prior company, and so did not sympathize with me. She made it seem being busy and overworked was just part of the accounting profession. I think it was really the way they looked at my reason. I interviewed at another company whose controller was impressed I was able to handle such a high workload and gave me an offer. My recruiter told me they decided to pass on me because I lacked experience, which I think isn't true because you can already tell I did not have many years under my belt through my resume. I think it's because they heard me talk about how much work I had, and decided to view it negatively instead of positively.

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