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Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer ?


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It is actually a nice question . Hunters are "designed" to stay focused for a long time on a single task and to do it well ,gatherers are capable of multitasking but they don't go deep into their tasks . So i guess the answer depends on the job description

GM em


Neither, I'm the chief

Calvin em


I am a gatherer when my counterpart is a hunter, I am a hunter when my counterpart is a gatherer. Balance.

msr em


I'm a gatherer of new ideas and a hunter of old obsolete ones.

Mike em


Yes. I gather what I hunt down.

Sigiloso em


Trick question, I hunt the gatherers, and steal from the hunters.

Nick em


I'm the hunter. Now go gather me some wood if you want to eat! (Collaboration.)

Celia em


I hunt down history to learn from the mistakes of others, and gather New Ideas!

Soraya em


Well, if you like chicken nuggets you are neither and both. You don't really hunt chickens, but you don't really gather them the way you do berries and veggies. And I like chicken nuggets, so I really can't give you a clear answer.

w3techie em


Oh are those new business lines you are hiring for?

Phil em


Well, my name is actually Hunter, so that pretty much answers that one... Next question please...

Hunter em


I am a witness between hunter & gatherer to act and take dicision for future action.

kulasekhara em


Neither - I call the shots

Sigiloso em


I would like to hunt new ideas by gathering the information that is already present.

Taresh em


I am more of a hunter. Why? I feel like a gather collects to get where he wants or the things he wants. A hunter on the other hand goes on and get what he wants much faster. This is sort of like a survival game. A gather will take forever to achieve what he really wants while the hunter just takes from what people already have. A hunter in a sales floor is constantly learning from mistakes and experience while the gather depends on sitting back and receiving advice from hunters or other people. Gatherers don't get things done.

Richard Cornejo em


I'm a hunter! I hunt the opportunity and kill it.

Sigiloso em


A hunter is typically in a business development role whereas a gatherer is in an account management role.

Sigiloso em


This is the digital age isn't it? I use Alexa to order my groceries and I gather my daily needs via various feeds!

Nitin P em


I'm the planner - the hunter and the gatherer do what I tell them to do and follow my plan

Sigiloso em


Simple iam a HUNTER .. why to give balah blaahh answrzz



a hunter. Because I was always trying to figure out something that I want to know nd always learn to master

Adikin em


Hunter, but I use opportunities as they come.

C Magnus em


neither...i'm matter-er...

=z= em


I would consider myself more of a woman. I don't really do much, I kinda just sit around waiting for food to be brought to me. And then of course I get my little butt back in that kitchen, because as we all know, that's where I belong .

Jeannie em


Why are you using THAT OS? I am neither. See my new job title.

Sandra M Kristal em


I am your leader, Go suck on that!

Sandy Kristal em

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