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Funcionário sigiloso em Rio de Janeiro

Oferta aceita
Experiência positiva
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Fui entrevistado pela BRQ (Rio de Janeiro) em nov 2015


Not had. I was indicated for the job. The manager only explained me what they need for the position, about the projects, contract and benefits that BRQ give for the employees. Asked me for how I want get as salary for this position.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • Manager only explained the project and what exactly He expected about my position.
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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Campinas, São Paulo, São Paulo

Oferta recusada
Experiência negativa
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Candidatei-me por meio de um recrutador. O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela BRQ (Campinas, São Paulo, São Paulo) em ago 2015


I was approached by a recruiter because they had a position to work as a consultant in one of their clients in another city. Since this position was in another city then all the contacts and the whole interview process happened through the phone. After around 2 weeks of interview I got a job offer and the recruiter described everything to me at the end: the salary, the benefits, when they would like me to start and everything else. It seemed to be a good offer and I was ready to accept, but I asked her to send me all this information by e-mail so I could have it archived and mainly to make sure that I didn't forget or misunderstood something, since all the information that I had so far was given to me over the phone only. The recruiter promised to send me this information by e-mail, but she never did. I wrote her twice trying to get this information by e-mail, but she never replied. After 2 months, around 1 week before I was about to start working in this company the recruiter suddenly appears again when she called my phone saying that the position that they had for me was still up, but they needed to cut the salary offer to something much lower. So it seems that this was their strategy since the beginning, That's why they never sent me a formal offer by e-mail. I simply said no and I continued in my current company.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • HR related questions like "talk about your biggest challenges" and on next interviews I had more tech related questions to answer.
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