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Atualizado em 18 de jan 2017

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 1 semana. Fui entrevistado pela Boom Financial (São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo) em jan 2017


A apply trough the LinkedIn and I went there for a in-person interview with the Human Resources and also with the team consisted of 3 people, a team leader, iOS Developer and a Mid Front End Developer. It was a little bit fun talk to them. The final stage was scheduled to another day trough Skype Interview with the CTO Song in English. The whole interview was a disaster not because my English which is ok. Song looks like a robot, he did the whole interview lunching at same time, I could not make out him sometimes because he did not swallow what he had on the month before say something. Also, he did not talk about him or the company instead that, it was extremely straight to the questions. I can remember his first worlds which was: "Hi I'm Song, tell me about you" .... then a lot of question ... "Ok, I do not have more time, thank you, bye bye!" He was so awful, for me he is the worsted interviewer so far.

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  • The team draw on the board a Pascal’s Triangle, I was asked to talk about it.
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  • I was asked to implement a indexOf function on the board.
  • The result in JS of ["4"]+["2"]-["1"]
  • Talk about all HTTP Protocol Methods
  • Whats is the difference between Angular Factory and Angular Service
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