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Atualizado em Jan 8, 2021

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Cisco Systems

Funcionário sigiloso em Cary, NC

Oferta aceita
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Entrevista normal

Candidatei-me por indicação de um funcionário Fui entrevistado pela Cisco Systems (Cary, NC) em Oct 2017


It was a pretty standard behavorial interview moreso to understand fit and culture. It was virtual and they asked about my experiences in undergrad business, what I hope to learn, and typical "tell me about a time: questions. Interviewer was great and was very conversational

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  • Tell me about some of your technical skills related to excel
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Cisco Systems

Candidato sigiloso à entrevista

Nenhuma oferta
Experiência negativa
Entrevista fácil

Candidatei-me de outra forma. O processo levou 2 meses. Fui entrevistado pela Cisco Systems em Jan 2017


The Interview process was pretty straight forward. I received an email from the IT director and was invited to apply for a position. I applied and a few weeks later was given an interview date, it was the holidays so my interview date was after the holidays. I interview over their webex conferencing. Interview went well and I was told to look out for something from HR. Needless to say it's now been over 2 months and I haven't heard back from them. A little disappointed, I was really looking forward to showcase my skills for them. Note: I only gave a negative experience due to the lack of contact post interview, a courtesy would have been to send a we are looking at another candidate or something of the sort.

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