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Entrevista para ISIP Trainee/Placement Opportunities New York, NY (Estados Unidos da América)

Explained my background(where Im from, where Ive schooled

  etc), Why I pursued an LL.M. in America, Why I didn't directly pursue a Trainee contract 2nd year of my LL.B., Why I got x,y,z grades in certain classes, How I improved, Why I didn't return back to my home country since they needed more attorneys.

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I explained that I have had certain subjects have wanted to focus on and hard the resources now to do so.I wanted an international education so I could have multi-jurisdication exposure. I explained the exam pitfall i had and how I overcame it with practice and guidance from a particular professor. They had concern for my 1st year contract grade, and pointed out that they would not have selected me for an interview in their usual trainee recruitment process because of their screening system-so i do think that if you don't have high 2:1s/1sts in your LL.B. for certain courses you have to be prepared that this is a huge factor for them.

Candidato à entrevista em 25 de ago de 2015

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