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Candidatei-me online. Fui entrevistado na FARFETCH


Phone interview followed by SQL 20 min test sent by email. There was also a short english chat during phone interview to access english level. The recruiter explained how farfetch works, etc

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Candidatei-me online. Fui entrevistado pela FARFETCH (Porto, Porto, Porto) em Jun 2017


I applied online. After +-2 weeks I got an email from a recruiter saying that they wanted to schedule an interview with me and to add her on skype to arrange the best time. After I added her on skype I talked to her and basically I got almost no answer. I talked to her 2 time, sent an email and then I gave up. After 3 weeks someone called me saying again that they wanted to schedule the interview, I thought the previous recruter was very rude but we arranged the interview. I interview at Farfetch. The interview started well, introduction about Farfetch, background check etc. But after those first questions it all went wrong. The recruiters were very rude, they were on their phone and sending emails on their computers almost all of the time. I felt like they weren't paying any attention at all. That attituted made me freeze for like 5 seconds and I think that they dind't even noticed! My expectations were so high and they complety fell apart. I didn't got any job offer but honestly if I had one I would have serious thoughts about not accepting it.

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  • What do you know about A/B testing? What kind of BI Visualization software do you use?
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