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Funcionário sigiloso em Lisboa, Lisboa

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 4 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela FARFETCH (Lisboa, Lisboa) em Feb 2018


I applied throught online got a call from HR after 4 days. Asked me for availability to schedule a telephonic interview later I got a call for technical interview. I went to office in Lisbon for the main technical interview. The office was super cool. I was interviewed by Head of engineering lead gave some task to do on live and then followed by HR again with some cultural and personality fit. Tips: Be frank with what you do they will like you.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • What will you do when there is a situation that you have your release date very close but still you have Major bug/task to do ?
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  • What are the tools and frame work you used and why ?
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Funcionário sigiloso em Porto, Porto

Oferta aceita
Experiência positiva
Entrevista normal

Candidatei-me pessoalmente. O processo levou 4 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela FARFETCH (Porto, Porto) em Oct 2016


One interview where I was firstly asked to introduce myself and talk about my background and experience in other companies. After that I was presented with a timed practical exercise and some questions, sort of like a role play, about how I would react in certain scenarios. Finally there was a Q&A session about the company and working conditions so that I could get over any doubts I might still have at that point. Everything went quite smoothly.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • A simple automation script was presented to me so that I would analyse and criticise it.
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