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Atualizado em Nov 15, 2017

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TL;DR: It's an MLM. The interview was dishonest, degrading, and manipulative. They scammed my friend. I was invited to this "interview" under false pretenses. I was given the expectation of hanging out with an old friend over fast food. When I got to the burger joint, I was greeted by two well-dressed men who insisted on buying me food. One of the men sat me down, opened up a laptop, and asked me how old I was. When I asked what was going on, he told me that my friend had told them all about how much he respected and looked up to me. He never told them any such thing, and there's no reason a friend I knew so briefly would say that about me in the first place. When I pressed the man about who he was and what was going on, he started telling me his life story. Dead end job, lost money in the 2008 crash, dire financial straits, decided to take control of his life, now he's his own boss, enjoys financial security, blah blah blah. When he finally finished his sob story sales pitch, he asked me what I thought. I paused and then told him I was very disappointed that I was led to believe I'd be hanging out with friends, and that I wasn't interested. Despite this, he kept on going. He kept telling me what a wonderful opportunity it was, and didn't I want to take advantage of it? Again, I said no, and suggested he tell his friend to cancel my order because I was going home and I had a 40 minute drive ahead of me. His response: "Well, if you don't want to take the opportunity to better yourself, that's okay. It's entirely your decision." Throughout this experience, my friend looked utterly humiliated and apologized profusely while Mr. Senior Vice President told him he didn't need to feel bad and kept implying I was in a bad place in life and didn't want to improve my circumstances. I left. Come to find out, they told him he'd be a millionaire by next year, and they took him for $125.

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