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The process was not easy because I was not living in Luxembourg. But the company seamed really great and the interviewer was nice. I was asked about my experience and everything went well.

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Interview was relatively standard: screening call with HR /1:1 with hiring manager / put together case presentation / present case/interview with Head of Marketing. RED FLAG: During my final week with my current employer, one week before Christmas and two weeks before I was supposed to start, a call with HR was scheduled in which I was completely blindsided only to be told that there was an org restructure and the position I was being hired for was no longer existing. HR told me that everyone really liked me and felt I was a great culture fit and I should continue to look for open positions with them in the next 3-5mos. That was it. They didn't even offer an alternative role or try to find a fit for me. I was left with nothing. I was in shock and explained that not only had I turned down another great offer for this opportunity but had also already given my resignation with my current employer and the response I got was just "sorry" and that I should talk to my employer about staying. What really got me was supposedly how much they wanted and pursued me for this position and kept me falsely updated about what was going on from their end; I was excited about joining Gympass and feel completely let down. I have worked at a startup before and understand how things can change, but I was absolutely led on by this process and blindsided at the very last minute. I would recommend anyone interviewing with Gympass to be cautious and have a plan B so the same thing doesn't happen to you. I put effort, time, energy and trust in the company, and they hung me out to dry.

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