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The interview process was long and very thorough. However at the end of it, the benefit was I had a strong idea on the leadership styles and/or management styles of those I would be working with.

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  • Asked me how I would go about breaking into an account they had trouble with.
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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Santa Monica, CA

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 3 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Gympass (Santa Monica, CA) em nov 2019


I checked Glassdoor interview reviews for this position and they were all negative but I'm a positive person and thought maybe it was just those candidates so I applied online, was contacted within a week to schedule a phone screen with recruiter. Within a few days, I was contacted through email by the same recruiter informing me she was no longer with the company but given a link to set up an in-person 2nd interview with the Hiring Mgr in the SM office. Then I had a 3rd interview with (2) team members and was scheduled for a mock client meeting/pitch. I received some info about the mock client and was told I could conduct the meeting my own way with the emphasis on the type of discovery I would usually conduct. The day of the meeting everything changed. One of the participants role changed from VP, HR to CHRO representing the client (when in reality NO "C" level would ever be part of a first call discovery meeting and then say they were only looking). The process and flow of the meeting changed first with the CHRO having technical difficulty getting on a zoom call and I was stopped mid-sentence with my question during discovery to just give a pitch. I gave a great pitch, answered questions and scheduled a follow up meeting. I was told two days later by the new recruiter that they passed on me. Actually the new recruiter was unprofessional and said other people were better in their pitch; but yet the job is still OPEN!! I was disappointed I didn't get the job but I wish them much success! Gympass is great product! Great local BD team!

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  • Where are all the locations? What are the costs of the pricing plans? What other CPG companies does Gympass have as a customer?
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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Atlanta, GA

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 2 dias. Fui entrevistado pela Gympass (Atlanta, GA) em out 2018


Interview with senior recruiter out of NY was a joke. Lasted 20 minutes at most and recruiter didn't even allow for questions at the end. The description of the role seemed like it was being read directly from a script and I could hear a dog barking in the background. The most unprofessional interview I have ever been a part of. Don't waste your time with these guys.

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