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Atualizado em 22 de mar 2018

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Candidato sigiloso à entrevista

Nenhuma oferta
Experiência neutra
Entrevista fácil

Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 1 semana. Fui entrevistado pela Intuit em mar 2018


just got the phone interview by the chief software engineer. ask me some basics reactJs question.for example: tell me the difference between AngularJs and ReactJs . and told me that waiting for the response.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • 1: tell me the difference between AngularJs and ReactJs; 2: the feature of the ReactJs
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Funcionário sigiloso em Mountain View, CA

Oferta aceita
Experiência positiva
Entrevista normal

Candidatei-me por meio de um recrutador. O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Intuit (Mountain View, CA) em mar 2016


Recruiter Phone Call - in-depth assesment of experience with various tech stacks as well as interpersonal questions. Phone interview with hiring manger - some techical questions, nothing taxing Onsite - 4 interviews: 1. Live coding challenge with 2 technical assessors. 2. Same assessors then ask questions about your approach and other quicker technical questions. 3. Team fit interview - no tech questions. 4. Interview with hiring manager - background, interests, etc.. Overall very good process.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • Standard JS questions, closures, how to structure code...etc.
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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo

Nenhuma oferta
Experiência negativa
Entrevista difícil

Candidatei-me por meio de um recrutador. O processo levou 1 dia. Fui entrevistado pela Intuit (São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo) em jun 2015


I got a phone call from a headhunter from San Francisco for a position in São Paulo. I had just one interview which was suppose to be with 2 guys a Brazilian and a Indian. The interview was schedule by end of the day and just the Indian guy showed up.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • I have been asked to talk about my last year and anything about my other years. After a few minutes the Indian guy has hushes up to technical questions. It was putted a laptop in front of my with Google Chrome opened on Developer Tools. First of all, I was asked to say would be printed on console.log about a trick Javascript Hoisting test. It was a very trick question. In my opinion, it was a question which shows what exactly what they are looking for. For me, they have been looking for a master ninja of Javascript tricks developer, absolutely no sense. After that, I have been asked for write down a code in a piece of paper to identify in a give string all brackets have been closed in pairs like a HTML tag. Which should return true ou false also, should find bad brackets closed and return false for instante, "AB ] CD [ EF ] GH [ IJ". By the end, I have been asked to describe how to find out a specific ball between eight balls. The question was: You have eight balls all of the same size. 7 of them weigh the same, and one of them weighs slightly more. How can you find the ball that is heavier by using a balance. I should also describe possible outcomes.
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