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I applied online and the recruiter contacted me to set up an initial screening. The phone screen went well and a 30 minute phone interview was scheduled with the hiring manager. I prepared and waited for the call but it never came. I assumed that the manager was running late and waited for 20 minutes. I called the main office number to follow up and there was no answer. I called a second time and still no answer. Then, I emailed the recruiter and 2 hours later I received an "I'm so sorry" email with no explanation as to what happened. She asked if we could reschedule the call and although I emailed her back with my availability I never heard back from her. I have never been stood up for an interview ever and not only is it highly unprofessional, it shows an utter disregard for someone else's time and is embarrassing for a company whose product is a recruiting and applicant tracking software.

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