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The process began with a recruiter phone call. Then a phone interview with the Director of Engg who asked me some coding questions on collabedit. Then another phone interview with a Senior Architect. Then I was asked to come to their office. I met the Director again. He asked me some architecture questions and a coding question. The coding question wasn't easy and we were at the end of the interview. So he asked me to email him the answer. Then I met with 3 other engineers. Engineer 1 was decent - lots of recursion questions which I answered. Engineer 2 - he was more of an architect who asked a lot of design oriented questions. Engineer 3 - this guy was very inscrutable. You just couldn't read emotion on his face. He asked a lot of uncomfortable fit-type questions. He asked a coding ( sorting ) question and didnt even bother to have dialogue as I implemented it. He bluntly told me that my implementation did not meet the requirements. After this interview, I met the recruiter. I made it clear to the recruiter that the last interviewer was not exactly polite. A few days later, I was asked to come back for a second round. But by this time I had accepted another offer with an easier commute.

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  • Given an array of positive and negative numbers find the max subsequence ( only the value ) in the array.
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