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Atualizado em Mar 17, 2015

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Funcionário sigiloso em San Mateo, CA

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Candidatei-me de outra forma. O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Jobvite (San Mateo, CA) em Oct 2014


I flew into San Francisco for my final interview which was primarily with the Exec team. Seeing the energy and culture of the office had a huge effect and I spent 45 minutes with 5 key leaders discussing this newly created role. I found each person dynamic, extremely sharp and full of thought-provoking questions. As an added bonus each of them came to the interview in their Halloween costumes. I was in final consideration for leadership roles with two global corporate companies but after my experience at Jobvite I knew this was the home for me. There's no better place to come in and make an immediate impact while working with an extremely motivated group of your peers.

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  • If you had to define your professional career to a basketball player who would it be and why?
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