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Atualizado em Jan 17, 2014

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Candidatei-me de outra forma. O processo levou 4 semanas. Fui entrevistado na Jobvite (Burlingame, CA)


Recruiter was good until the face to face interview got completed. After that he was incommunicado until i sent a mail. The feedback was everybody liked me and only had good things to say. Company and interviewers were all good. But i had to go to face-2-face for 2 days which was a drag. Also, 5 directors interviewed total 11 people. This makes no sense unless i am a hire with cross team responsibilities, which i was not. Also, it took them more than 3 weeks to get back to me to let me know they are opting for another candidate. I guess the issue might have been that i was a little overqualified for the position and was asking for above average salary. The only issue i have is that i feel they wasted my time since they knew from the beginning my qualifications and salary expectations. But the company folks and products are good.

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  • Nothing really. I was able to answer all the questions that was asked.
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