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Atualizado em Mar 8, 2013

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Kinder Morgan (Lakewood, CO) em Jan 2013


Went through an initial phone screening (typical resume-based questions) before coming in for an office interview with potential supervisor and additional staff member. Interview consisted of ten questions with generic interview questions (greatest strength, weakness, challenges). Also asked what I thought of environmental regulations and if I disagreed with any. A lot of ethical based questions and questions related to difficult clients. Second interview was with Compliance VP and potential supervisor. Another 10 questions. These were more difficult and had to do with interactions with team members, more ethical questions, examples of difficult interactions with clients. See examples interview questions below. I definitely left the interview feeling blind sided and didn't expect a call back. Big learning opportunity though!

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  • 1.) How do you feel about describing complex technical issues to someone without a technical background? 2.) Compare yourself to a Microsoft Office program and tell us why. This second question really pissed me off because it totally threw me off and there was no way I could have prepared for it.
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