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Louis Vuitton

Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Los Angeles, CA

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 5 dias. Fui entrevistado pela Louis Vuitton (Los Angeles, CA) em jan 2015


good, had a wonder time, good questions, very helpful, was very nice in general, decent pay, good benefits, process was fairly quick and very efficient, lots of very cool clothes and luggage, great brand, respectable brand and image

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Louis Vuitton

Funcionário confidencial

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Entrevista normal

Candidatei-me por meio de uma faculdade ou universidade. O processo levou 1 semana. Fui entrevistado pela Louis Vuitton em out 2011


That was in Switzerland. First, I got a phone interview and 2 days later, an interview in their office with the sales manager and a woman from HR department. They asked me very basic questions in French and English. They checked me in details: my hair, my make-up, my nails,... Basic questions: why LV? what do you expect?

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  • During the interview, they often changed the language speaking, in order to check if I am fluent in French and English.
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