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Atualizado em Mar 10, 2017

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Candidatei-me por meio de uma faculdade ou universidade. O processo levou 3 dias. Fui entrevistado pela MGH Group (Daca) em Oct 2016


First part was about public speaking. They give a motion and applicant has to describe pros and cons of it. Then comes the second part it was about verbal and analytical competences combined. After that they call for an interview with them. In interview they did not ask me a whole lot of questions,however they seemed somewhat pleased and told me that they will let me know. Unfortunately that day did not come...

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  • 1.Are you nervous? 2.Describe your bad qualities only 3.Ohh you are good at C++....that's good 4.Are you acquainted with linux command -_-?? I am sure those guys do not know any sort of damn about linux and C++ they were probably showing off 4. Can you ride bike?? 5. Your CGPA is too low (I have CGPA of 3.46 but somehow that seemed low to them -_-)
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