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Those who applied are called in. First phase is group discussion. 12 candidates are called in a room a topic was given to everyone (such as advertising through social media - a great marketing tool or threat to individual ‘s privacy). 5 minutes are given to think about the topic and then the discussion began. You have to be vocal and confident about your point. At the same time, you have to let others speak. Just speak your points straight forward and try to maintain fluency as you speak. After this round, 4 out of 12 candidates were selected based on their performance. I also proceeded to next level. In this level, the remaining 4 compete against each other in a aplitude test. It requires your basic knowledge in English and Math as well as general knowledge and IQ. There is a benchmark score and if you able to make it and your score beats at-least two of the candidates, you’re through. Top 2 contenders are then asked to drop their cv and next round is panel interview. I cleared the first two rounds and currently waiting for the personal interview with the panel.

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