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Atualizado em Sep 24, 2019

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Have to give the interview . Gave the gd is was easy but quant was difficult. overall good. then interview is due we have two rounds tech n hr. yes yesssss yes yes yes yesss

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Came for campus placements and had a very attractive package to offer. There were 400 people and only 2 people from HR to handle the entire process. It was god awful. There was no structure to the process I don't think the HR knew what they were doing. Just hope they had done it in a much more efficient way. The rounds were as follows: 1. Group discussion 2. Aptitude test 3. First round of interview 4. Second round of interview (Skype) 5. Discussion with the CEO By the time they had the first round of interview there were around 70 people who had made it. The interview itself was very easy and the recruiters were indeed very sweet and nice.

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