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Qatar Petroleum

Mostly very stupid question which has nothing to do with the job nor addressing any value such as what is the name of your product, did you use potable water, what is the TSS of water, what is RCA?


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When you go around with this kind of mindset. you run the risk of failing interviews because i was treated the same way but i did not read any meaning to it. I was asked all sorts of questions from the academic books, but i felt i should be able to give an idea even if i have forgotten. You obviously failed and i am still wondering why you cared to apply if you have this terrible mindset.

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Yep, this is copy/paste of my interview. The weirdest interview of all times. Two Indian (or whatever) guys. Middle of the might interview. They kept insisting on some weird irrelevant uncomprehensible questions. finally, I realized, they connected for the interview predetermined not to hire me. Considering the fact that I spent 4years in Qatar working for Qatar petroleum projects, this was and it wasn't such a surprise. They should really take care to whom they give these interviews to lead them. I never applied for another QP job after that, although I'm more than qualified. Simply, didn't feel very eager to have those two or similar people for colleagues. Felt more safe somewhere else.

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Hello three specialties. ● Industrial design. Mechanical engineering of solids design. Mechanical Engineering Applied Design. ● Member of the Iranian Association of Mechanical Engineers. ● Member of Knowledge-Based Association. ● Author of engineering book. Inventor. ● Fluent in mechanics and mechanical software.

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Hi Ismail, I am known as Hesamuddin. My name is Hesamuddin Saqib Tehrani. Born in Tehran, Iran. I have three specialties. 1. Industrial design (general drawing). 2. Mechanical Engineering (Solid Design). 3. Mechanical engineering (applied design) and fluent in Catia-inventor Member of the Iranian Association of Mechanical Engineers. And Iranian inventors. I am a servant of an inventor, I want to serve your country, I am looking for a job. I also know a little English and German. I need help. Please help, come out of Iran.

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Hahahaha... It is questions not to hired u. If u are Indian surely they hired. This is not descrimination but is true. Previous interview.. after 20 years work experience... The GM in one middle was company... Indian... can ask u how to calibrate instrument... What kind of questions... Looking for maintenance manager ..but asking technician questions. What they expected... They want u to memorize everything since day one you work... Maybe he expected you to replace the technician and engineer... What I can see... They just don't want to hire other than Muslim. But they do it indirectly ... U will see later

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