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Novo Nordisk

Funcionário sigiloso em Clayton, NC

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Candidatei-me por meio de um recrutador. O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado na Novo Nordisk (Clayton, NC)


Panel interview of 5-7 interviewers, only a few ask questions. The engineer and maintenance supervisor ask all the questions, engineer is not a real engineer, they are industrial or process engineers.

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  • How I dealt with conflict in the workplace.
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Novo Nordisk

Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Clayton, NC

Nenhuma oferta
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Entrevista difícil

Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 1 dia. Fui entrevistado pela Novo Nordisk (Clayton, NC) em Sep 2015


Interviewed by 7 employees, all at one time. Very rigid but organized atmosphere. Didn't feel as if I was comfortable enough to relax and shine during the interview. I was told I would be notified either way but as of today I still have not heard anything. Benefits were above average but the position was 12 hours nights.

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Novo Nordisk

Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Princeton, NJ

Nenhuma oferta
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Entrevista normal

O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Novo Nordisk (Princeton, NJ) em Feb 2011


It was total waste of time. Manager discussed money with me at the first interview. Then they invited me for second interview - one would think they didn't have problem with what I asked for. But in the end they hired another guy because he asked for less money. I came twice for interviews. Both time it took me 2hrs round trip and 5 hrs to get interviewed by 5 people. Wasted two vacation days on that nonsense. Except for 1 person on each of those days, people were the same. They uses some sort of script with the questions the went through. Most of the questions were the same, but rephrased. Most of the questions didn't really make much sense to me. On the second interview, though, some technical questons were asked. Some of them were straight from ActualTests or Pass4Sure script. The interviewer admitted that it took him two weeks to figure out answer to one of those questions and he was just wondering if I'd know it from the top of my head. Well... whatever. Everybody was extremely nice. They stated it's a good place to work, but they didn't sound very convincing - like they were withholding some information not to scare me off. Was kind of weird. On my way home after second interview from the manager, I was seriously wondering whether I want to work for him or not. I was sure they'd offer me a job, but I wasn't sure if I want to accept it. To my surprise, they decided to go with less experienced person who asked for less money, and that solved my dilemma. :-) They do have free coffe/tea/soda and some junk-food snacks. 9% of 401K - is unheard of. Plus they closed for all danish holidays. Plus they closed for the whole week from Christmas to New Year and it doesn't come from your vacation days. Plus they close early on Fridays during summer. Overall, very nice company to work for. But I still think I would hate it to work for that guy. I didn't like him from the get go. I guess it was mutual.

Perguntas da entrevista
  • What would you do if you disagree with one of your colleagues.
  • Describe the project that you worked on, that had obstacles and how you overcome them - this question was asked several times.
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