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Atualizado em 6 de jun 2021

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 4 meses. Fui entrevistado pela OLX Group (Berlim) em fev 2021


Process took 4 months. 3 interviews, one programming test and one huge case study for the internship!!!! It is like you are interviewing for senior position or something. Multiple HRs involved in process will not even acknowledge enquiry regarding status. Even after investing huge amount of time in the process they do not have courtesy to give feedback. One of the interviewer actually told me, I will get the internship but got rejection the next day. I know this might sound like sour grapes, but seriously it felt like they do not care about applicant's time. I actually had great wish to work at the OLX but after this process and their attitude, I have huge negative feeling about this company.

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