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Atualizado em Jul 28, 2020

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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em Aalst, East Flanders

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Candidatei-me pessoalmente. O processo levou 4 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Ontex (Aalst, East Flanders) em Dec 2019


First short meet up with the hiring manager to get some ideas about the role. About a week later, a case study + presentation interview and then HR interview. The case was the real company's current issue (e.g. Should we enter to xx segment ? Why and How? based on the given market research data) which was quite interesting. I have spent quite a time to crack it and the presentation was well delivered. The hiring manager even asked me whether she can use it for the sales meeting and I said yes. However, about a week later, HR called me that they have decided to cancel this position due to the restructuring of the organization. I was very upset. Why did they ask me to do such a time and energy-consuming business case and presentation if they will cancel this position after all? Did they really not know this will happen? I doubt. The only appropriate guess I could make was they wanted to use the candidates' talent and passion for free. Yes, it was totally a rip-off. And what made me more upset was the fact that there was no explanation or apology from the hiring manager but just a phone call from an HR intern. This is how they treat job candidates. Plus, HR interviewers were very junior level (one HR junior specialist and one HR intern) who tried to do some in-depth interview but the questions were not really relevant. I got the impression that they did not really understand the role and they are not enough experienced to conduct the interview for such positions. All in all, quite a negative experience. Looking at the company's share price of today, I realized nothing comes from nothing.

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  • All usual questions except the business case that the hiring manager requested. You will have about a week to prepare based on the provided market research data (e.g. Nielsen)
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