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Atualizado em 7 de abr 2015

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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 5 dias. Fui entrevistado pela SmartRecruiters (San Francisco, CA) em fev 2015


I applied for the position and quickly received a reply. A designer contacted me and wanted to have an "Informal chat over coffee". I thought that sounded great, and already liked the more laid back approach they had to interviewing candidates. Well that's where I was wrong. We met at a coffee/sandwich chain in the city right around lunch time. One of the product managers ended up coming along for this "informal chat over coffee". We went inside and boom, immediately the product manager went into full on formal interview mode right in the middle of this place while we were closely surrounded by people eating lunch. It was extremely awkward and embarrassing. Since I was told that this was going to be an "informal chat over coffee", I was taken completely off guard. I was expecting to chat about what I like to do for fun, how I ended up in San Francisco etc. But instead it was resume interrogation all the way to wanting to go over my portfolio. This was totally something you do in a private office room setting. Also, most of the time the designer didn't even say a word, he just sat there. At the end, they told me they would get back in touch with me next week, but of course I never heard anything. So much for an "informal chat over coffee" guys.

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  • Asked about my past positions and portfolio pieces, while surrounded by 30 people trying to eat lunch and have coffee.
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