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I had a phone interview with the hiring manager and a peer on the team, completed an online assessment, and was invited to the onsite. I tried to schedule the onsite with the HR contact but didn't hear back for a couple of weeks. Finally, I was told that they have a lot of qualified candidates and would like to see writing samples before bringing people onsite. I sent over relevant writing samples, and then a day later was told the role was canceled. How do you go from asking for writing samples to canceling the role the next day?? The role is open again, and I keep seeing it reposted on various job sites, but I do not think there's an intention of filling it and suspect there are internal issues that needs to be resolved first (employee changes, poor company performance, etc)

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I have known SmartRecruiters and Jerome for years. I reached out to their new CMO and introduced myself and shared my resume/credentials. He wrote back saying that he didn't see how I had a relevant background even though I worked for one of their partners. It took them months to hire someone and they hired someone that didn't even come from the space. Very disappointed in this company -- not very smart at all.

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