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Candidatei-me por meio de um recrutador. Fui entrevistado pela SmartRecruiters (Berlim) em ago 2020


The interview starts with homework, I finished it with about 2 hours. The second round is with two engineers to discuss my code, they ask me how to improve and how to make the code more testable. The third round is with two engineers to do a pair-code session. After finishing the first requirement and the follow-up requirement, they ask what if the code is used for production, what else should be improved. And they asked some basic knowledge about database and Restful API. The final round is more product mindset discuss. They actually want to hire engineer can actively participating in the production design. After all rounds of interviews, I got the most detailed interview feedback I received in my life so far in a timely fashion. They provided me with all the feedback for each round from all interviewers. The interview experience overall is very good, and the question is reasonable. I don't take the offer because of some personal reasons, but the package is actually quite appealing in the Berlin market and they are going to remote even after the epidemic.

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