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Atualizado em 13 de abr 2021

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Candidatei-me por meio de uma agência de recrutamento. O processo levou 1 semana. Fui entrevistado pela Toyota Motor Corporation (Melbourne) em mar 2021


1st Interview One of the best interviews had with two great professionals. Questions were targeted to check your personality, values and behaviours in addition the skills & knowledge relevant to the roles. The interviewers had taken time to research my LinkedIn profile, personal projects, aspirations and shown a great level of interest, curiosity to get to know more on this within the interview. 2nd interview Initially communicated that this was an informal discussion based on the positive outcome on first interview, but turned out to be a formal one but with no real interest on a meaningful discussion. One of the worst interviews ever especially for a senior level role. Interviewer 1 started asking random questions whilst the other turned up few minutes late. Interviewer 2 hasn’t shown any interest to listen to the answers, ask questions or to be engaged in the conversation. Whilst interviewer 1 was asking questions that he prepared whilst the Interviewer 2 was counting the clock to jump into next call. Anyone with a basic level of emotional intelligence would understand that either the interviewer 2 had no interest on the interview, role, my skills / experience or most probably dismissed my application without even asking any questions. In a modern world where top companies pivot their focus to positive employee experiences, processes like above only help to tarnish the reputation of a giant company like Toyota.

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