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Candidato sigiloso de entrevista em New York, NY

Nenhuma oferta
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Candidatei-me online. O processo levou 1 semana. Fui entrevistado pela Xandr (New York, NY) em nov 2019


I applied to the position on LinkedIn. I got a call back from the recruiter over the next few days. We got on a call to discuss my experience and why I was looking for my next opportunity. When it came time to discuss compensation, I chose to decline to give a salary range. The recruiter bullied me into saying some number, claiming they wouldn't pass my information along unless I gave them one. That experience left a bad taste in my mouth, but I continued on with the hope that meeting the team or a hiring manager would be a lot different. The following week I had a call with an engineering manager. I shared the same background and experience with them. However, they seemed like they were very uninterested in anything I was saying. I'm used to a more collaborative conversation when meeting with a hiring manager, but they didn't say much. Lots of radio silence. They asked me a few questions about my experience and probed a little further, with specific and pointed questions. I felt I answered them adequately. After the intro discussion we launched into a JavaScript coding exercise. I was able to complete two of the questions successfully, but got a little tripped up on the last. All in all I felt I had done well. We finished the call and they said we'd be in touch. The recruiter followed up with me a few days later. I was not able to answer their call immediately but followed up as soon as I could. After a few days I still didn't hear back, so I sent a follow up email. The recruiter followed up pretty quickly via phone (again, I couldn't answer, as I was working), and left me a voicemail notifying me of my rejection, with a vague message stating my "coding wasn't the result they were looking for".

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  • Take an array of weather data. In three separate methods, return the location name, of the warmest location, location where there was the biggest high/low delta, and return a sentence stating the high and low of the day for each location
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Funcionário sigiloso em São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo

Oferta aceita
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Candidatei-me por meio de um recrutador. O processo levou 2 semanas. Fui entrevistado pela Xandr (São Paulo, São Paulo, São Paulo) em jun 2018


The recruiter found my curriculum on Linkedin. I've applied online. The process consisted of three 15-minute interviews for pre-selection then four 30-minute interviews (and one coding exercise) with engineering director, senior manager, product manager, and senior software engineers.

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  • Build a regular expression parser in Java that matches expressions like 'aabbc' and say what is its order of growth in Big O notation.
  • How would you build a REST API to control a parking lot?
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