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US Airways
Pergunta feita para Business Analyst - Revenue Accounting...7 de março de 2011

Explain at least 2 things which are affecting the Airlines industry today financially.

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I explained about rising costs of fuel, and increased regulations.

What about the telephone number interview?

The shutdown of the entire economy because of Coronavirus is the main reason. I can say the Airlines industry is particularly very vulnerable to events such terrorism, political instability and natural disaster. Menos

BNY Mellon

What would you do if you won the lottery

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i will invest


How would you know how many people are wearing red colour shirt in the city?

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Go to a random corner and get a sample size of about 25 people and note their shirt color. Do it around 10 times to get enough random sampling without bias. Now take this distribution and calculate the population (city) mean and standard deviation. You can guess with 90 to 99% confidence how many people are wearing red shirts. Menos

Best answer would also probably talk about the required sample size, based on how quick/accurate an answer you need for this particular business analysis. For a population of 620,000 (Seattle), the math works out to: Confidence level | Sample size 90% +/- 10% | 68 95% +/- 5% | 384 99% +/- 1% | 16,206 More info at Menos

Go to a garments shop . Check for the ratio in which red shirts are available and calculte the red colour shirt percentag multiplied by the urban population .. Menos

Global Payments

Have you ever been fired from a position and why?

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No I have not been fired.

You don’t required to answer that. Even if you were never say you have been fired. Menos



Describe a time you had to take on a "new" role that wasn't what you would do on a regular day. What was it and how did you handle it? Name a time you noticed an issue that was impacting the team where you took a proactive approach to solve it.

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I used my personal examples from previous positions. I recommend having 1 example for each principle memorized. The questions are straightforward. They aren't trying to trick you, and they'll recap what you answered in their own words to show you they understood what you were saying. Sometimes they sum it up better than you said it! Good luck! Menos

Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Menos


What is your long-range objective?

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"In the near term, I am focused on becoming a subject matter expert in my field. I do want to prepare myself for future promotional opportunities. I am working to prepare myself for managerial opportunities in the future. Yet I am also flexible to take on roles which will broaden my exposure, which is why I have become involved in two cross-functional team projects, one with the HRM group and one with the marketing group. This not only strengthens my relationships with other teams, but also broadens my knowledge base for interacting at a higher level." Menos

If i would have a chance to work for BAT for a long time term my objective is to become a cigar aficionado and have my own mobile truck selling legit brands around any city under the sun. Menos


Name a time you had to deal with an irate person?

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- Active Listening - Be compassionate - Take ownership to resolve situation

How many question were on the test?


Mostly about my studying&past working experience and any problem or challenges encountered and how did I deal with them.

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I told them the truth. (Reality may be a bit bitter but tell them in advance what do you hope to change if given the chance and what did you learn from the experiences.) Menos

Hey buddy. Could i ask you some questions? If i could email or get your number?

World Business Lenders

They did not ask anything truly in depth as it is my belief that it didn't matter to them as they were not going to follow through on their promises anyway.

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This is all from my experience with this company, so your experience may be different, but somehow i don't think so... Menos

Ruining lives one day at a time.


describe your current role?

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tried answering by comparing the similarities of my current role with the advertised role Menos

Advising business owners and directors about Bright HR softwares to ensure they manage all employees information from one platform,Arranging meeting for Software specialists to meet with IT managers and addition we analysing the Health and safety of the company of environment An individual with enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn and develop Menos

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