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G/O Digital
Pergunta feita para Database Administrator...12 de julho de 2015

There were a lot of questions in relation to the inner workings of the files and file groups.

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Thanks for your inputs. I feel very confident about SQL Server questions with 9 + years of experience.My worry is about the 1 hour online analytical test which is part of the f2f. Did you had them and any inputs you have on how to prepare for same. Menos

This was a pretty straight forward SQL test where you have to determine the output of some code or write some basic code based on table examples provide. There are a few pattern recognition questions as well. Menos

Was this position for MSSQL or Mysql?

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Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development, Uganda

can you briefly tell us your home back ground?

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Names: Mugyenyi Raymond Age: 37 years Gender: Male Date of Birth: Feb 20th 1979 Permanent Address: Kanungu District, Kanyantorogo Sub-County, Nyamigoye Parish, Nyabihoko Village Menos

Name:Semujju Derick Age: 24 Gender: Male Date of birth: 12th May, 1996 Home District: Luwero, Luwero subcounty, kabakedi parish, nsanvu village. Menos

Name:Semujju Derick Age: 24 Gender: Male Date of birth: 12th May, 1996 Home District: Luwero, Luwero subcounty, kabakedi parish, nsanvu village. Menos

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Where I would live to see myself in 5years

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Being able to make great contributions and progress in the comp

To continue my education and get more experience in order to contribute to the success of the company Menos

To see my self in a higher position


Tell me about yourself?

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Check my profile

my Name is B.Shanmugaraj, My father name is A.Baskaran is a auto driver My Mother name is B.Ananadhi is house wife My sister name is B.suganaya Studied Diploma in teacher education My Brother Name is B.satish kumar studying 12 th standard i have studied Diploma in Electronics & communication Engg in 2008 first class Now I am working in Cms info system pvt ltd in vellore Branch Tamilnadu state as a coustion for ATM cash loading & Maintenance . I have working in this concern past one year Menos

Hi, I'm Baktha Vatsal Katakam, Done Masters in Computer Applications in 2012 from Mother Teressa P.G College, Hyderabad. Done Oracle DBA from Uclid IT Solutions, Hyderabad and searching job on it, as a fresher. Well versed with dba concepts like "9i-10g-11g", DB-Architecture, RMAN, DMTS-LMTS, LINUX(OEL). Menos

Sodexo USA

how do you work under pressure.

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oracle architecture, RAC, new features performance tuning ASM RMAN

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read old version oracle books like 8i 9i for core concepts

after ow many days you received HR call

process starts once u clear 1st round. but it usually takes time.

HCL Infosystems

Why you are leaving your current job? Why you want to join HCL Infosystems Ltd? A very practical database recovery scenario which normally don't happen at frequent intervals, were among other questions which made me to think twice before answering them.

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Most of the questions were easy and answerable if you have worked well in the past. Menos

Mainly practical , though had to go for an oral first.

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Orally and practically


Realty One Group

In three interviews I did not get a single technical question.

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BS questions and just chatted about the trival things.

During my interview, I wasn't asked any technical questions either. Strange, how they hire TECH people without asking TECHNICAL questions. Menos

Philadelphia Housing Authority

how would you handle being sexually harssed

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Ask the harasser to stop. Gather evidence and report the issue. Follow the chain of command and retain records of you complaints. Pay attention to the statue of limitations. If it escalates make applicable complaints with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, and U.S. Department of Labor. Retain written proof of your complaints to these organizations. Menos

Additionally, speak with an attorney early on in the process. You should go to AVVO and search for a Labor or Civil Rights Attorney. You can also ask the attorneys questions online. Menos

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