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Pergunta feita para Gerente De Servicio A Clientes...12 de junho de 2019

Porque estaba interesado Conocimiento de sueldo y prestaciones

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Si, pero que podía aportar valor con mi trabajo


Do you write down your goals?

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If you want to impress this guy (though I can't imagine why you would) tell him you write down your goals. Apparently he read in a book somewhere that successful people do, so clearly it must be true. Menos


Qué libros has leído

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Le di un montón de ejemplos y sale con una pregunta super tonta de que si no me aburro Menos

Randstad US

Was I submitted to this client by other recruiters? Have I applied myself thru this client's website? Could I send them my past submissions list?

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My answer was positive for all their questions.

Banque Nationale du Canada/National Bank of Canada

Pourquoi avez vous choisis la banque?

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Parce que j'ai toujours aspiré à travailler dans une institution financière

DHL Express

Experiencia en él área de ventas

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What about your personal experiences and background motivate you to seek this position.

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I picked some specific life experiences and connected them to my overall career priorities and the values of the organization. I won't list all of the many questions, but this one illustrates their thoughtful approach. Menos

Another stupid question...what's my biggest accomplishment in my career.

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I wanted to tell them my career is probably double the length than they have been alive.. but I gave them an answer they wanted to hear. Menos

Where do I see myself in 5 years...

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I wanted to say retired but gave the answer they wanted


What should I do in care of family violence in the clinic.

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Told that I would try to calm both parties down, and offer alternatives to diverge the attention. Menos

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