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Analistas de BI de pequenas e grandes empresas avaliam o mercado e identificam oportunidades de crescimento dos negócios. Prepare-se para descrever seus métodos de pesquisa e análise das tendências dos negócios e sua capacidade de transformar dados em pontos de ação.

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Principais perguntas de entrevista para analista de BI e como respondê-las

Aqui estão três das perguntas mais frequentes em uma entrevista de emprego para analistas de BI e como respondê-las:

Pergunta 1: Na sua opinião, qual é a responsabilidade mais significativa do(a) analista de BI?

Como responder: Essa pergunta aberta permite demonstrar sua perspectiva do cargo de analista de BI e o que tem um impacto mais prático. Fale sobre suas habilidades de liderança como analista de BI. Compartilhe cenários nos quais você teve iniciativa e demonstrou autoridade como analista de BI, demonstrando suas qualificações.

Pergunta 2: Qual é seu aspecto favorito do processo de inteligência de negócios?

Como responder: Essa pergunta aberta possibilita que você revele sua paixão pelo trabalho como analista de BI. Explique por você decidiu seguir essa profissão. Se possível, trace um paralelo entre seu entusiasmo pelo processo de inteligência de negócios e a empresa em questão para mostrar que você pesquisou sobre ela e sua disposição em ajudar a equipe. Compartilhe oportunidades de crescimento e como elas contribuem para seu interesse na área.

Pergunta 3: Fale sobre uma situação na qual seus dados foram os responsáveis por mudanças significativas nos negócios.

Como responder: Essa pergunta aberta é focada em aspectos da área de inteligência de negócios que podem ser difíceis: conflito e mudança significativa. Compartilhe suas habilidades de pensamento crítico e de paciência na identificação do problema, explicando o que causou essas mudanças significativas. Descreva sua abordagem de compartilhamento de dados e sugestões de mudanças.

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American Airlines
Pergunta feita para Flight Attendant Bi-lingual...17 de fevereiro de 2016

If you met a genie and he granted you three wishes what would those wishes be?

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I'm sorry you didn't get an offer. :( Would you mind explaining a bit about how they tested your language skills? Menos

answer to Margot 2/29/16, sorry it took so long to respond. No I did not get fingerprinted. If they are interested in you they will need to get your fingerprints to complete the background check. That does not always mean that you got the job. They need to do the fingerprint and background check to get you an airline ID card. Menos

answer to groundedd 3/27/16, this type of question I call it the " beauty contest" type of question. Really, unless the person who is asking you this is a certified psychologist trained to quickly analyze your spoken response, read your body language and thoroughly document it (and the people who are asking you this are not). I think this type of question is a waste of everybody's time. Note to recruiters, I think a better indicator of a candidate's ability to think quickly on their feet, give them potential real life on board scenarios. Based on their response (s), you can then get a better measure a person's problem solving skills, do they properly engage with the customer(s) and/ or their fellow teammates. Menos

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What's the time you went above and beyond for a customer ?

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Hi I was pooled on June training date is a very long process.

Any news yet?

No Hun not yet, I heard that the next training dates will be around the end of sept or oct because they still need more ppl to build our training class Menos

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Why do underground stations have three times more exits than entrances? 4 people want to cross a river. You have one barge that can hold no more than two passengers at a time. The first passenger rows at such speed that it takes him 1 min to cross the river. It takes the second 2 min, the third 5 min and the fourth 10 min. When there are two people in the barge, the slowest rower determines the speed at which they cross the river. What is the shortest amount of time in which you can get all 4 people to cross the river?

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To expand on the 17 min: 2 and 1 go = 2 min -- 2 is on other side 1 comes back = 1 min 10 and 5 go = 10 min -- 10 and 5 is on other side 2 comes back = 2 min 2 and 1 goes = 2 min -- 2 and 1 now also on other side 2+1+10+2+2 = 17 Menos

Nope. 19 is correct. First trip: The 10 min rower and the 1 min rower. 10 min to go, 1 min to come back (11 min) Second trip: 1 min rower and 5 min rower. 5 min to go, 1 min to come back (17 min) Third trip: 1 min rower and 2 min rower. 2 min to go (19 min total) If you needed to think this in a different way, the slowest rower available for crossing must always be in the boat with the fastest (since there would be no point in adding another slow rower since they would add extra time on the way back). Menos

17 min is right: 2+1+10+2+2 = 17

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IndusInd Bank

What work have you done? work related and experience related

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Dod they communicate to yoy about the offer or not then?

No I have followed up many times. They are not answering call... I just asked 5% more than what they were offering... Menos

How much increment did they offer?

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what was the project you worked before

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going over my resume one by one



Polestar Solutions & Services India

There is a table named GEO, having state and city as it's attribute! Write a query to select the state having multiple cities in it?

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Solved it! select state from geo group by state where count(*) > 1;

select state from employee group by state having count(cityname)1

select state from employee group by state having count(cityname)1

SCAN Health Plan

Tell me about a recent project.

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I went into detail about a complicated project I had recently completed.

I hear you. They drag on forever for no results. Just wasting time & not reliable starting from HR to their mgr. No reply no response No results. Don't care attitudes. Menos


What is your profession? Where did you worked? Do you know SQL solution for this ... problem? Are you familiar with databases like ORA, Postgres, etc...?

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Cite your CV, and show up SQL statements or procedure for the problem.

Can you please tell me what kind of sql statements were they

Pluto TV

What's COPPA? What's UUID/idfa/VAST tag? What's confidence interval? What's t-test? What is this SQL query doing? Give me an example that you promised to finish a task by a certain date but you failed to finish it on time.

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does that d*mbf*ck recruiter John French still work there ?

He does

r2 Technologies (TX)

Are you comfortable working with a very large database?

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All I’ve worked in

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