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Pergunta feita para Middle Office...6 de novembro de 2017

décrire les le métier de middle office

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Le métier de middle office c'est faire le pont entre le back et le front office. Il sont en soutien au front office, ils vérifient le bon fonctionnement des ordres passer en bourse .... Menos

permet aussi de faire une bonne gestion de risque, gestion opérationnelle,

Just Energy

Lavent asked a pipeline process question in relation to storage usage and how it effects the business over a time period.

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Never working in natural gas I was able to calculate the answer to the question based on what I knew about storage. Menos


1. strength and weaknesses

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1. strength: Proactive and driving and openly challenge people around me; weakness: something negativ positive - impatient for results, to pressure myself and others Menos

Goldman Sachs

Minutes as degrees on an analog clock

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They ask you do the process out loud so they can see you process.

BNY Mellon

To describe my experience using excel.

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I explained my background in excel and the classes I've taken to help me better understand the program and its functions. Menos

BNY Mellon

Using one word describe yourself?

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Hudson River Trading

Basic motivation questions as well as some regarding my past experience in MO. Finally some on SQL, Python, and database knowledge and process creation as well as new SOP creation for the process.

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Subjective answers. 2 technical questions regarding Python which I was unable to answer as I have no past experience with it. Menos

Hudson River Trading

Bunch of basic questions about the previous job, education, and skills. A few questions about SQL & Python were of mixed difficulties.

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Answered most of them with confidence and correctly. SQL and Python were moderately difficult as coz of the lack of hands-on experience on my part. Menos


basic questions about my personality

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Morgan Stanley

They were mostly situational type questions (how would you deal with different circumstances, etc.) but one stuck out: With stock options, how does the risk of a put differ from that of a call when they are close to expiry?

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The day of expiry a stock price can go to zero (or very close to it) but it can't go very close to infinity so the put has more risk that needs to be priced in Menos

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