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Pergunta feita para Assembly & Test Tech IV...20 de junho de 2016

Describe yourself

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Answered with relevant information about myself related to the job

I am a hard worker and I really enjoy what I do. I like that my job is a challenge because it gives me a since of achievement. I try to find my own weakness and work on them to be more rounded. Menos

Juniper Networks

why is dhcp better than pppoe and vice versa?

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I was well prepared.

TISTA Science and Technology

All Technical Related

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Freescale Semiconductor

No difficult questions.


Really it was straight forward not to difficult


Write a code snippet to general the first 10 Fibonnaci numbers.

Architectural Testing

Describe customer service experience


Return the sum of the 2 largest integers in an array. Make this more efficient.


Round 1 - 3 rooms available in a lodge and how will u accomodate max bookings per day. write a Java program to solve this problem Round 2 - Write a Java program to find increasing and decreasing order in array Input1-(1,2,3,4) Input2-(9,8,7,6) Round 3 - Write a Java program to rotate the array with given offset Input-(1,2,3,4) Offset- 2 Output: (3,4,1,2)

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