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Pergunta feita para o cargo de IT Business Analyst...7 de agosto de 2012

How did you deal with different stakeholders on a project asking for two different requirements which are contrasted and you can do only one.

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Would take the company mission as first cue, and then work with both on a compromise. Menos

eHealth Ontario

15 minute technical written test around various computing technologies. How would you prioritize your work load? How do you keep up with technology? Why do you think we should hire you?

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Sure. I have no idea what department you're interviewing for but just keep in mind my department was basically technical IT. I was given 15 minutes alone to answer a multiple choice test regarding IT networking technology, architecture, Linux etc. The in-person interview that followed was basically just standard HR questions. They asked things like "How would you handle situations under pressure?", "What do you do in your spare time?", "How do you react when given *this* work situation?" Menos

I am not an eHealth employee anymore nor was I the individual above but those were the questions I was asked as well. I wouldn't know what an IT business analyst would be asked in terms of diagrams, but I would assume it to be something generalized and nothing too specific. Menos

International Paper

What you want to do?

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I wanted to learn the whole process.

First I want to understand what are the challenging issues. I will be able to do what is required first if the issues are defined and identified. Then, I will utilize my professional IT skills and business experience to resolve the issues. That's what I will do initially. Menos

The Blackstone Group

What website could be considered the most important or world-changing website, and why?

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Couldn't say Facebook or Twitter



No difficult questions

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hey how long did u wait for the seond interview after campus interview?

After campus interview, did u get an invitation fir the second interview?

UnitedHealth Group

Think of a difficult question and plan your response ahead of time. For example, have your ever implemented a project and found defects?

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Defect? Never in my life!

It is better to admit that you have and describe how your methods have improved than to pretend like you've never had a defect. Menos

Red Hat

Also, I asked each interviewer about how they viewed the role I was interviewing for

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And the three peer interviewers really couldn't tell me anything other than it would help out the hiring manager. Menos


if you know english you are in

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jajja chevron employee is pure lazy

l am interested to work in your company

Johnson & Johnson

Why do you want this role?

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I expressed how my past IT and business roles made me pursue a path in IT and Business. Menos

so I can dedicate my life for the company

Grupo SBF

Se conhecia a empresa, porque estava se candidatando a vaga, o que vc faz no emprego atual ou anterior. O que vc gosta de fazer no tempo livre.

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Não conheço a empresa , mas Procuro oportunidades de Emprego será uma honra e gratificante ser selecionada pra trabalhar na Empresa Meu tempo livre ? Eu fico em casa Menos

Sim conheci a empresa porque estava me candidatando!mas vou ficar muito feliz se eu puder fazer parte da equipe para auxiliar de limpeza!no momento estou fazendo umas diárias!! anteriormente trabalhava doméstica e babá tbm!no tempo livre gosto de ler!sou da zona sul! terminal João dias! agradeço a oportunidade de poder me relatar!espero ser selecionada por vcs Menos

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