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Perguntas de entrevista de Android developer


Perguntas de entrevista para o cargo de android developer compartilhadas pelos candidatos

Principais perguntas de entrevista

Preciso criar um aplicativo x e y , como você iniciaria a construção destes aplicativos até disponibilizar na loja?

Simplesmente me perguntaram se eu sabia de determinada tecnologia

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Quais linguagens que já usou.

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Asked about architecture i`ve already worked

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- Do a 15 min presentation about yourself explaining the highs and lows of your career. - They give you a piece of paper with some code and ask you: What does the code do ? improve the code ... - Basic android questions like what is an intent ? what is a responsive application ? Qual is an Activity ? What is a Fragment ? what is the diference between Activity and Fragment ? What is an Android Service ?

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- Why do you want to work at Dubsmash? - Explain your choices in the assignment - Android basics - Libraries you use - Which ticket system do you use? - What's your current development process? - How would you implement an infinite scroll

One question between many others :Explane something about your self in English.

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