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Pergunta feita para Animator...16 de outubro de 2019

Why are you interested in working in Television.

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Es una oportunidad de exteriorizar o presentar la creatividad del artista

Es un medio de rápida difusión a nivel mundial

Hay estabilidad laboral

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Toneplus Animation Studios
Pergunta feita para Animator...25 de fevereiro de 2015

Don't really remember. As I said, I'd already been offered the job when I came in for the 'interview' so it was just a casual chat about my skills and quick tour around the office.

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Lower than average. But hey find out for yourself. The legends are true.

I think he meant to ask how much Salad per month.

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Redchillies vfx

you must be ready to work long shifts as of the work

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I am a dedicated personal and work towards the benefit of the organisation

I am a dedicated, organised and methodical individual

I am ready to work long shifts as of the work

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Atomic Cartoons
Pergunta feita para 3D Animator...16 de fevereiro de 2020

where did I go to school

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2D arts.

Dibujo, Colorida, Esculturas, Tallados etc.

I am ready

DQ Entertainment

Not many questions asked. Only difficult thing might be the animation test...

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DQ Entertainment

why u r changed company

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working with big good company

Between better than expected results

eSense Learning Pvt

Previous work experience

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3 years

Cartoon Network
Pergunta feita para Animator...21 de fevereiro de 2014

"Could you tween these key frames?" As part of the animation test, I was asked to ink several pencil drawings, and animate a small stack of key frames. I hadn't expected to be asked that, and didn't have the equipment at home so I had to improvise with a light table and make shift peg bar.

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Yes, (I took the work home, and animated the key frames.)

Do you know how much they pay animators in Cartoon Network?

Blizzard Entertainment

Ninja or pirate?

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Jellyfish Pictures

Can you stay on character when you animate?

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Yes, of course.

last night

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