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Pergunta feita para Financial Planning Assistant...24 de janeiro de 2021

How did I want to grow my career?

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I would like to work into a financial advisor position.


Where do you see yourself in your career 5 years from now?

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That I was completely dedicated to being a financial advisor and that I saw myself still being employed by the franchise. Menos

RSA Group

I was asked strangely about the benefits of accounting for a subsidary rather than an associate which I didnt know the answer to.

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Responded to say the economic ownership was greater but I wasnt really clear what the benefit to the company was. I did ask what the right answer was, which I later understood was the reason I got the job (the willingness to admit I didnt know all the answers and learn from mistakes) Menos

Why financial advisory? Why LWP? Tell me about yourself and what you enjoy doing.


Questions sur l'étude de cas. Question sur les stages. "A quels jeux jouez-vous?"


What kind of client would you recommend an annuity to?

Qual era o seu último salário?


1. Prev work exp 2. deferred revenue and revenue recognition 3. TDS sections and percentages. etc

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