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Pergunta feita para Audit Staff...27 de julho de 2016

What did i learnt in school?

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do you mind sharing what is the topic of the essay? thank you

can sharing what is the topic of essay? please.

I learnt alot from school, i learn different things throughout from kindergarden to university. Menos


am I a good fit in this organization

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since you will be doing the same job with any of the big 4 firms, you are a fit if you can relate your self with the individuals that work for the firm. so since i got the opportunity to spend an entire day with them at the beach, yes, i am a good fit. and you can ask the people i talked to and im sure they agree. in fact the people i talked to had already contacted the partner that interviwed me and gave him great advise about me. Menos


What strengths do you have that could help contribute to our culture immediately?

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I have experience in internal and external doing audits for banks

I have a great experience as a team player, educatin, and customer service skills w/ 5 Diamond standard. Speaking three languages. Menos


How do you handle stressful situations?

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Take it one step at a time and manage my time wisely, and of course pull an allnighter when necessary. Menos


How do you work in a team?

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I work well in a team because i am patient, tolerant and open to positive criticism. I can explain things to others in case they dont understand. When something is not working well i communicate. I am able to share workload so that we push torwards the main objective Menos

I learned from past group work experience-- taking initiatives help the project to get moving forward and encourage other members to contribute. Menos


What journal entry would you pass for outstanding wages and how would show in the Financial Statements?

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wages a/c(increase in expense) dr... to o/s wages a/c (increase in liability) Menos

Outstanding Wages A/C Dr to Wages Account. Wages would be shown in Income Statement Expense Side while Outstanding Wages will show in the Liabilities side of the Balance Sheet. Menos

Punongbayan & Araullo

Are you willing to accept the offer ?kahit na hindi namin fully masuportahan yung review mo because its a busy season kapag magtatake ka ng board exam we need staffs during that time we can't afford to lose them

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an honest answer sabi ko sayang but they told me na babalik daw ako if gusto ko pang mag-apply in the future Menos


Why do you want to work for the company?

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According to the condescending partners, there is only one right answer. I still don't know what they expected me to say. Menos


What do you know about this company?

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I say research and have a general idea of what they do and how much they have grown. Menos


What are your future goals

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I gave a layout of my five year plan

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