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Pergunta feita para Calibration Technician...13 de outubro de 2015

They asked some basic background questions and where I saw myself in 5 years.

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With regard to the "where do you see yourself in 5 years " question, I typically reply that I would hope to have gained mastery of my role and advanced while helping mentor and train other team members. Seems like a pretty honest and attainable goal in my opinion. Menos


The usual questions

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Why do you want to work for Tektronix?


why do i want this job.

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to start a career.

National Instruments

What was your area of expertise?

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RF calibration

Western Technologies Inc.

Is the customer always right?

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I told them you let the customer believe they are right while cordially and respectfully answering their questions and their concerns. After that you continue doing your job in line with company policy in trying to resolve the issue, Menos

Southwest Research Institute

What sets you apart from other calibration technicians?

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I care, even with the small things. I put effort into things others would bypass. Menos

BioMarin Pharmaceutical

Posed a troubleshooting scenario for a weight transmitter and asked how I would troubleshoot it.

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Answered that the issue was most likely due to an output issue and to source the 4-20 to verify. Menos

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Can you work Saturday

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Calibration ratio between standard and instrument

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10:1 if easy or cheap if not 4:1

Digital Signal

Give an example of a situation in the past where you solved a problem without guidance.

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Give an example of something that you can say that you are proud of in your career. Menos

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