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Pergunta feita para HR Controller...12 de agosto de 2020

En la entrevista me preguntaron mi formación profesional, ¿ qué hago actualmente? que tipo de tareas, desafíos que deseo aceptar, como me veo en algunos años más, tiempos, pretensiones de renta, fortalezas y debilidades.

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Hola, la entrevista fue en ingles o en el idioma local?

La entrevista fue en ingles?

Johnson RV

How I would plan a trip to ...Orlando (example location)

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First how many are traveling? What is the purpose of this trip (business or leisure)? How do you want to get there (direct flight, etc.)? How long? Etc. Menos

iProcess Online

What kind of experience do you have with payroll?

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I don't have much experience with payroll.


Most unexpected question was ...... What to you do over and above to reach a target .

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Well i had to think a bit , and remembered back when i ran a small farm with my late husband and basically worked till dusk till dawn to get Hay in as the weather was going to change and we had to clear a field or loose alot of profit Menos


Hoe ga jij de enorme uitdagingen in beloningsbeleid voor de banking sector aanpakken

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Terug naar wat je wilt belonen en hoe.

Harding Retail

I fancy you.

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Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants

How would you handle various streams of revenue

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I answered in return what are their revenue streams, the owner didn't seem to like my asking allowing me to better understand their business. Menos


Molecular biology related questions

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basic knowledge and laboratory practices

Whether I had experience with Credit Card chargebacks

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I did have experience with the entire merchant account process including reviewing, researching and responding to chargeback notices. Menos

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