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Pergunta feita para Commercial Manager...4 de setembro de 2012

How would you establish credibility in the first 30 days

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work is the only way to prove our credibility.

In the midst of own action

In the midst of on own action

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What is the most useful metric from the Financial Statements for lenders?

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Free Cash Flow as it helps to determine how much in interest payments the company can afford to make on an annual basis. Menos

i would say Debt / EBITDA ratio, as a lender, we care more about its debt repayment ability. Menos

I would say DSC (debt/ebitda), current ratio and D/TNW

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Tell us about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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Alhamdollilah i am an energetic man and give the best a Performance time to time..i am gree to work here as a internee if you want to appoint me as a trainee according to nokia policy... Menos

I am a very hospitable person. I have always personally believed that but this has been professionally validated by my supervisor in my annual report. People have this image of role as cold and indifferent personnel, so meeting me is like a breath of fresh air for most! And my weakness is my Finance skills. I have not had too much exposure of the Finance end of the business but decided to take this opportunity to equip myself Menos

I am Suresh Kumar Debug Engineer and Diagnostic Engineer SMT technician and Service Engineer My strength I think Always 100% quality And Clarity My Weaknesses My strength maybe my weaknesses Menos

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IDEA Cellular

Are you flexible to relocate to other states where Idea is present?

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Yes ready


Advance Auto Parts

Have you ever had a disgruntled TM, who although had unlimited talents and experience, but was negatively impacting others on the team? What did you do in this situation ?

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I had a high-capacity, tenured salesperson who had been passed over for promotion several times due to their style of inner-company relationship style. I spent an entire week in the field doing ride-a-longs on sales calls, had casual/softer conversations over lunch getting to what interests & motivates them, and was able to peel the onion on where this person thought they belonged within the company and how they're received by their peers. Just getting this individual to simply share some previous, negative workplace situations they were still harboring over time, helped open their eyes and become more of a positive team influence and mentor for newly on-boarded TM's. Menos


Prior automotive experience and customer service.

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Very knoledgeable on automotive systems and fufilling all of customers needs.

Not much I know the basics

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

Vanderlande Industries

very detailed technical questions about contract administration and contract types.

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Send to me contact


Tell me about your self. What is your plan in next 5 years?

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That is such a poor interview question


What will you do in your first 8 weeks/

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During my 8 weeks, I would like to learn as much as I can from my supervisors and co-workers.Through observations, asking questions when needed and performing my duties hand on,I would like to develop a thorough understanding of the workplace and my particular job duties. Menos

Need to come prepared and have thought about the role and how you would approach it. Menos

DXC Technology

Where are you from

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OK what kind of interview question is that. Love how interviewers prefer candidates who do their research but it doesn't apply to them. I'm pretty sure it would say on the online application and I pretty sure they aren't exactly supposed to ask where are you from in a face to face interview well at least from what I know 😬 Menos

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