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Perguntas de entrevista de Communications manager


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Why did you apply for this position?

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Because I have lived and studied in UK, worked managing important events for the financial community when I was the Global Head of Communications at Itaú BBA, the wholesale and investment bank of Itaú Unibanco, and I do think I can effectively contribute for the UK Government in order to promote, positionate, amplify or even protect its public image in Brazil, specially through media outlets, government and others stakeholders. Rui Dantas +55 11 98187-3001

Me fale sobre suas experiências profissionais. Desafios O que te faz querer entrar pra Rocket.Chat?

What do you think you could contribute to our players and media in the region?

Why do you think your are a fit for the company? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you deal with different stakeholders?

Conhece o trabalho das organizações parceiras?

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