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Pergunta feita para Concept Artist...14 de março de 2017

Pourquoi Ubisoft? Pourquoi Concept Artist? Quelles sont vos anciennes expériences? Votre éducation en digital painting? Maitrisez-vous la 3D?

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Forment ils un peut à la 3D en tant que concept artist ? Combien de temps a duré l'adaptation ? Menos

Some concept artist use Blender or sketch up to aid in concept art.

THQ Nordic

why do you want to live in montreal

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because I want to try new things.

B-Water Animation Studios

What material and program do you usually work with?

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I draw with graphic tablet and Photoshop.


Can you describe what you work inspire

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My work inspire form manything : life experience

Backflip Studios

No common questioning

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Saber Interactive

you are available to do UI design?

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it's ok but only if it's really required


Asked about influences and how they contributed to my work.

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I just gushed about Corey Loftis, and how he was my hero.


They asked my salary requirements.

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At least $30,000/year. They said this would be illegal to pay me as it would be below the minimum wage for California. Menos

Toni & Guy

Nothing pertained to being a hair stylist, merely how you could make him money

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Nothing, he is a money hungry individual and the whole interview was more focused on him. Menos

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